Basics on Having a Reasonable Conversation: Burden of Proof

Who has the Burden of Proof? 

Burden of Proof

             When there is a dispute between two sides of an issue, the topic of “Burden of Proof” always comes to the forefront. Many times In their debates with their critics, Christians invalidly place themselves on the side of assumed truth. This is an obvious fallacy because one is placing the burden of proof, not on the assertion, but on it’s refutation. If this was a valid argument, Christians should have no problem with their critics and rival religions placing themselves on the side of assumed truth. A claim is not assumed to be true just because it has not yet been refuted.

              It is also important to understand that the burden of proof always falls more heavily on the party that makes the positive claim (aliens exist) or the more extraordinary claim (miracles happened). This is also why one must provide a proposition of the evidence to even get a court case filed and why science also requires the same order to begin an examination. Neither of them have the time or funds to examine every claim that comes their way.

“A claim without any support is not one which merits rational belief. Thus, anyone making a claim which they consider rational and which they expect others to accept must provide some support. The methodology of skepticism, critical thinking, and logical argument is what allows us to separate sense from nonsense. When a person abandons that methodology, they abandon any pretense of trying to make sense or engage in a sensible discussion, If the person making an extraordinary claim cannot provide sufficient support for their claims, the default position of disbelief is justified.” (taken from vs. theism who has the burden of proof?)


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