Basics on Having a Reasonable Conversation: Trustworthiness

Where do most people put their trust, in science or in faith? 


 Trustworthiness is a quality most people concede as being important when relying on the information from a specific source. This is another inconsistency I find Christians making in their arguments against science. They understand that science is the most respected authority on accurate knowledge which is evidenced by the fact that its’ methods are used and followed throughout the world and it’s accomplishments have given humanity its greatest benefits such as health, transportation, technology, architecture, and the list goes on and on. When Christians go to the hospital for a doctor’s advice or to get a much needed surgery, they are trusting in science. When they drive their cars, brush their teeth, make calls on their phones, eat healthy foods, exercise, enjoy the shelter of their homes, get on the computer, and sleep in their beds, they are trusting in science. When they walk into a building, cruise in a ship, listen to or play a musical instrument, they are trusting In science. Then their lives and the lives of their loved ones can be saved by a paramedic’s procedures, they trust In science. They even trust in the things derived from science that don’t always benefit humanity such as the effectiveness of firearms and nuclear weapons. They trust in science every day, all day long, except when it disagrees with their religious beliefs, Has Christianity proven to be trustworthy? Hardly. There has been a consistent pattern shown over history where Christianity makes a statement of fact, which eventually is proven false by science. How many times has science made a statement of fact that was eventually proven false by Christianity?

If Christians truly believe that science is untrustworthy, why don’t they see how long they would survive without it? We don’t have to question whether Christians trust in science or not, their actions speak for themselves. They may have faith in their religion, but their trust is in science.


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